Conversations With Dawn

With over 30,000 subscribers Dawn is one of our favourite YouTube content creators with a varied well thought-out channel that includes comedy sketches, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness advice. We were very much excited when we got the opportunity to have her as part of our Fierce and Fearless issue.
*Please tell us about the journey that led to starting your channel.
I honestly cannot remember how I ‘found’ youtube, but I remember watching lots of natural hair videos and decided to document my own hair journey.
*Give us an insight into the evolution of your channel and the highlights so far.
My channel has certainly grown!  I remember how elated I was when I got my first subscriber.  When I first started, my channel had no direction and I was literally filming for the sake of filming.  Now, I have turned it into a lifestyle channel and dedicate it to fashion/fitness/comedy/hair-beauty.  Highlights have been my collaborative work with the likes of Fashtag.
*We are avid followers of your channel and your fitness videos (thanks by the way – our bodies ache in appreciation) – why do you think a fitness regime is important for every woman and how can they fit it into their busy day to day lives?
It’s the whole premise of looking good and feeling great.  Society has grown more unhealthy, especially in terms of all the rich and delicious foods that we eat.  However, we have to remember that we have to look after our bodies….a moment on the lips and all that jazz.  And on a more serious note, life expectancy is just dropping!  It has been proven that even a 30 minute workout can be beneficial to your body, so if you spare 30 minutess to watch Eastenders, you can spare 30 minutes to work out!
*What are your style essentials for maintaining that classy chic look?
Heels, lipstick and a midicon skirt – simple!
*What do you wish your viewers knew about the ‘behind the scenes’ of being a YouTube content creator?
The amount of time it takes to decide on what you’re doing, film, upload, edit, upload and then promote on the social platforms. It really does take some time and that’s why it can be disheartening when some people dislike to dislike.
*What advice would you give those who are still starting out on being YouTube content creators and how to make their channels stand out?
Have some variety on your channel if you’re unsure of your direction, then you can get a feel for what you are most comfortable filming.  You’ll need a good camera and just be YOU!
*What is the best advice you have ever received?
If you don’t love yourself, no one else will.
*What drives and motivates you?
Me!  I’m in competition with myself and set goals all the time.  That’s the only way in which you will reach success.  
*Your dream collaborations with any YouTube content creators if ever you were to collaborate?
I love filming my comedy videos, so I would say the Dormtainment crew.
*Which Fierce YouTube vloggers/shows are on your watch list right now?
Life with Taylor Kay, sjsafety18, itsjudyslife, all things fabulous 101, the fancy face, too many to name lol.
*What’s in the pipeline for WhatDawnDidInHeels?

I want to do more comedy videos and I have one coming up very soon.  I love letting my creative side out!

We highly recommend you subscribing to Dawn’s channel – you need her in your life!!

Social Butterfly

YouTube Channel : WhatDawnDidInHeels

Twitter: @WhatDawnDid

Instagram: @WhatDawnDidInHeels


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