Remembering Tata Madiba Through Music


From a young age my dad made sure to educate my siblings and I about the liberation war struggles of Southern African countries and most lessons started with music. We were never far removed from knowing what apartheid was, Oliver Tambo, Steve Biko, FRELIMO, history of Nyasaland, the times at Fort Hare university . So today a week after Tata Madiba passed on, my eulogy to him is to share with you the music I’ve always associated with him.

1. Hugh Masekela – Bring Back Nelson Mandela

I recently had the most gifted pleasure of being in the audience of the legend that is Hugh Masekela and it felt like I was in Madiba’s presence too.


2. Zahara feat Mzwakhe Mbuli – Mandela

This song has been on constant repeat!

3. Black President – Brenda Fassie 


4. Sarafina – FULL MOVIE!

This movie will give insight to what Tata Madiba did.

5. Miriam Makeba feat Hugh Masekela – South Africa Freedom Song


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