Say Yes by Ava DuVernay


You will remember Ava,she is the one who directed the short film  The Door for Miu Miu that we loved and showed the relationships we have with our sister-friends whilst also showing the Miu Miu 2013 collection. Well this time Ava has teamed up with the make up brand Fashion Fair to create Say Yes – which was inspired by Fashion Fair lip colour by that name.

say yes Ava DuVernay Ashley Blaine

The film explores the power of the affirmative, and the beauty that blossoms from embracing life. The film features the deliciously chocolate Lance Gross and Kali Hawk in leading roles, with cameo appearances from “Awkward Black Girl” star and creator, Issa Rae, musical recording artist, Ndambi, actress Lorraine Touissant, Hello Cupid’s Ashley Blaine and filmmaker and author Julie Dash.

Ava discussed the project saying,

“I was thrilled to be asked to create a film for Fashion Fair, a brand that has always embraced women of color, and that women of color have so often embraced. The film is a meditation on the power of ‘yes,’ illustrating what can happen when we affirm our family, our friends, ourselves. I also thought about the many ways that Fashion Fair says ‘yes’ to us. Yes to our variance of skin tone, yes to our different ages, yes to our body sizes, yes to the myriad of elements that we are. That’s something worth celebrating.” Source

Say Yes Fashion Fair Short Issa Rae

Besides having familiar faces from new media which we here at Chaud are all about this short film works in that looking at the video you see different ages, different skin tones, different lip colours, colours, beauty and also love! We are officially Ava DuVernay stans and loving her work, more and more! Brands are also realising that shorts are a way of connecting with their audiences and featuring those from new media too because that is indeed our present and our future! All in all this is what we here at Chaud live for!



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