Unveiling Maeva


Written and produced by Waiki Harnais, Unveiling Maeva tells the story of two best friends, Maeva and Alan, who grew up together and became very close over the years until one fateful night, when Maeva’s feelings unexpectedly come to light. What happens as a result is the beginning of something quite beautiful.

The film explores the theme of hidden (and somewhat forbidden) love, and everything that surrounds it – the frustrations, the passion, the secrets… through the use of a profound yet relateable prose piece. And with a clever narrative combined with Olan’s stunning Cardy visuals, it poses questions the viewers may ask themselves such as “If you love someone, should you tell them?”

Cinematography / directed by: Olan Collardy


Maeva: Yana Penrose

Alan: Kingsley Amadi

Chaud Review: As you already know I am a fan (stan status really) of Waiki’s work, having been drawn in by Nyachan. With Unveiling Maeva, Waiki does not disappoint again. It is clean, entertaining and draws you in so much so you want more. Reminiscent of the time when they made great black movies – this short film would fit very well on that catalogue next to Love and Basketball, The Best Man and others of that ilk. Great job to Waiki and Olan!

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