The Couple: The Chaud Exclusive

Extra!Extra! Chaud Exclusive!! We got the chance of getting an interview with one of the creative heads at Black & Sexy TV who is also one half of the dynamic duo that make up The Couple! Yes Numa Perrier aka ‘Chick’ was gracious enough to answer the many questions we had. Grab yourself a hot drink and enjoy this Chaud Exclusive – our first real celeb interview and their first magazine cover! Double Womp!!


Let’s start off with a bit of background to it all. What led to the creation of The Couple?
We’ve both been actors for quite some time and we both also direct.  The Couple series was created by Jeanine Daniels and Dennis Dortch.  They each thought Desmond and I would be good for the roles because he’s a natural jock and I’m an “artsy”  type and those were the prototypes they had in mind.  Then when they put us in a room together…well..sparks flew…the good kind.
How do you keep it all so authentic? I mean we all watch it and most often than not we’ve experienced it or something similar in each episode.
We keep the show authentic because we are really committed to that. It starts with the scripts/ story lines. We go for things based on real life experiences or with at least a strong thread of real life experience running through it.
Then we also improv within those story guidelines and Desmond and I just naturally fit really well together for many reasons and we just flow from there, our director stops anything that doesn’t feel real and we have a pretty good barometer on it as well
I’m part of the writing team and penned two episodes – Bad neighbors and Laid Up.
Looking to doing more in season 2

How long does it take to shot an episode?
It really depends on the episode.  “Laid Up” for example was an all day shoot- with many different takes and angles to cover…the minisode “One Bathroom” took only about an hour –  we just jumped in and did a few takes. 
Will Season 2 episodes be longer?
You know a lot of people like the bite sized minisodes so we will definitely continue with those with also the longer episodes to compliment. 
The MooMoo and your dress when you guys are going to the bank definitely got a lot of comments. Which brings us to ask who does the wardrobe on the show? 
I do all of the wardrobe.  It’s mostly my wardrobe.  I see the dress was a hit!  I love that dress I got it at a store in LA that has since closed…sorry ladies… Other dresses I’ve worn have  not been as well received, but you know I’m always sort of mismatched in real life and we didn’t want to change that for The Couple. 
Desmond also produces That Guy seems like talent is abound over that side right? Are you all on these projects full time?
I’m one of the creative heads of the Black&SexyTV network and as such help develop or tweak sripts and storylines for all of the shows which is full time in tandem with the actual production and co starring in The Couple.  Desmond is a co producer for The Couple and directs That Guy (also created by Jeanine Daniels.) I love what he is doing with That Guy and I am not biased at all LOL.    We have other things going on too…just looking to be as creative as possible while building a strong business. 

We gotta ask for our readers – is Desmond single?
My man is not single!!!  Eat your hearts out LOL!!! (we see Numa stayed in ‘Chick’ character here!)
So tell us more about the movie?
We are excited about the movie we think it will be the first of its kind neo realistic and funny with elements of drama and very relatable as well- the movie will feel like the series but the story will be something we haven’t explores in the series which is how money changes situations or really brings out who people really are…
Money is a big issue in relationships and the world and it’s a great platform to deal with many levels of things.
Speaking of money we are raising initial funds of $25,000.00 on Kickstarter we are about halfway there with $11,000 right now so we are kicking it into higher gear now to meet and exceeded our goal.

The Couple Kickstarter Campaign

Issa Rae said that projects like The Couple the movie will take us back to the 90s and early 2000s when Black cinema was something we were proud of (we all have the DVD collections of Love Jones, Brown Sugar, etc) would the plans be to take shows from the Black and Sexy stable mainstream?

 Yes with the right opportunity we would love to have a TV series and even work with a studio on a film.  With the right opportunity is the key word though.  Working independently is very rewarding in terms of turn around time and creative freedom.  There is nothing like knowing our audience as intimately as we do.  We are finding ways to turn a profit and the more it makes sense financially the less we care about any outside deals because it is the best of both worlds to be independent and financed at the same time.  That’s what we are striving for. 

When would you look for the release of The Couple the movie? 
 The movie will be out early next year…maybe even Valentines Day… 
Talking of Issa Rae, we see you have collaborated with Issa Rae as her show RoomieLoverFriend is by the BlackandSexy Stable and we also have seen her in The Number – how did this all come about?
 It’s actually a fun story to tell.  Dennis Dortch and I created Roomieloverfriends and produced it with partner Jeanine Daniels.  We were completing the first episodes when we came across a web series called The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.  We loved it instantly and knew we wanted to work with Issa.  This was around episode 3 of her first season.  Shortly after Issa blogged about one of her favorite films A Good Day to be Black and Sexy– which is Dennis’ first feature film.  So this made us even more excited to work with Issa.  The very same day Dennis and I went to get some food at a burger joint and in walks Issa Rae.  It was surreal!
Then Dennis was all shy and weird about saying something to her- awkward moment!!!  LOL –  and I said are you crazy this is destiny!  So I approached Issa being the extrovert that I am and we all had a laugh and connected.  After that Dennis directed Episode 7 of ABG and we just all have kept working together ever since. Issa is very progressive and practical yet has this great imagination and we all get each others humor so it’s just a great fit all around.
Numa – we know you’re one yummy mummy to an adorable lil girl, an actress, producer, writer! Guess this is a cliche question but girl how do you do it all?
 Awww thank you.  I don’t always feel yummy!  Every day is a juggling act.  From breast feeding (TMI?)  to all of the production work, acting and other projects of mine as an artist I am doing a lot but I like staying busy.  The trick is to give my best no matter what, which is a challenge sometimes. I really love my role in The Couple so every time we shoot I get a lot of energy which propels me forward.  My baby also just started part time day care which is heavenly
One thing we love about you is you still take time out to reach out to your fans, replying Tweets etc please promise us you won’t go Hollywood on us after the Oscars and Emmys!  And you’ll be available for us to cover that exclusive too!
I will absolutely give you the exclusive- this is our first cover story and we won’t forget it. 
Ok we’re reaching here but is there any exclusive information you can share with our Chaud readers?
Ok you’ve got the exclusive…I just did a very fun role on ABG episode 10.  No spoilers but I had a BLAST on that set. 
We absolutely love our international fans and want to travel to the UK Germany France and throughput Africa too we love that the show is reaching people worldwide god bless the Internet lol!!
This interview was done soon after the Kickstarter Campaign had launched and as of today 06th October it has exceeded it’s target at over $28,000, but please do go on and back this project. Imagine how proud will we all be on Valentine’s Day next year watching a movie that we were all a part of? The Campaign still has 3 days to go and your support is still needed. Thank you very much to Numa and The Black&SexyTV guys there were no airs and graces, rather really humble and great people and will always root and support you guys!!

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  1. Great job! Great way for all online spaces supporting each other. Can’t wait for this movie and to get to watch it at Awards shows too – enough of Tyler Perry this is the way forward and Chaud kudos to you guys – in your own little way you guys share gems like this with us – Wigs, Black&Sexy TV I found out via you guys. Keep it up!

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