My Africa Is…..

 When I think of Africa, I see the birth of my dreams, I see my foundation, ,I see people as a whole with warmththe beauty Mother nature gave us, (Table Mountain, Victoria Falls, the Namib desert, the wildlife, the jaccarandas) I see education values, I see resourcefulness, I see resources(diamonds, gold, oil, farming, coal,copper, educated people)I see how I might be from the South I will relate to some-one from the East or West side of Africa! I see history – the pyramids, Gora Island, Robben Island, Great Zimbabwe. I see the cities. I see the pride that we live with inside our hearts, I hear our many languages, I hear our great rythms, I see our many shades (dark, white, black, light), I also see the future for my yet unborn child . Yes, I also see the dark-side, I see the civil war in Darfur, I see the Aids pandemic, I see poverty, I see the pain we go through in the diaspora to be who we are miles away from home in climates alien to us, I see the struggle of past and present, I see the stereo-types they give us, I see the silent tears we’ve shed just because of where we are from, I see it all BUT I also see HOPE!!
<p><a href=”″>My Africa Is Trailer</a> from <a href=”″>Nosarieme Garrick</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>
I  got excited when I came across the My Africa Is project on Kickstarter – was actually on Kickstarter because of Pebble watches having been at LeWeb London2012 (have added that on my Birthday wishlist).  This is what Nosarieme Garrick has to say about the projectMy Africa Is is an eight-part documentary series taking you on a journey across the continent through the eyes of an insider. We know what you’ve seen and heard about Africa – what they think is happening, what they think she needs, what they think she is. The four things that come to mind when people think of Africa are population, problems, poverty, and promise unfulfilled – headline media reports on the continent but that’s not the whole story.

Perspective changes everything.

My Africa Is wants to show you something different. We’re not about hiding real issues or over-hyping good news. We’re more than aware of the challenges, but we also know that we are not helpless. We hustle. We find ways to overcome. We survive. Every day, we are changing our communities – it may be a process, and it may be a little bit at a time, but we’re changing it nonetheless.

Each episode takes you on a trip to a different location, discovering the uniqueness of each city and appreciating Africa’s diversity, as the series brings it all together.

The money from this Kickstarter will pay for travel, production, and equipment. We plan on heading out in October for a three-month shoot that will take us along the West Coast of Africa, to South Africa, and finally across to the East Coast. 

This project definitely needs backing and so please – click here

Please forgive the ’embedding code’ below the video – for some reason I am unable to get rid of it as in so doing it deletes the video – so please watch the video and try to not see the code. 


5 thoughts on “My Africa Is…..

  1. Oh wow love the way you described your Africa in the first paragraph…and I hope they get the funding they need for this project..these are the projects that need funding unlike that Kony fiasco. Whatever happened to Kony 2012 again?

    1. ‘I see the pride that we live with inside our hearts, I hear our many languages, I hear our great rythms, I see our many shades (dark, white, black, light), I also see the future for my yet unborn child’ ~ you summed up your Africa well…I might not be African but I like this and hope the project gets funded.

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