Music Bout: Ol’ Skool vs Nu Skool

  ‘Take Care’ has been etched on rotation in my head for months now –  so it was a surprise when one day a friend sent me a remix to the original version of the song (well I was initially spooked out thinking how did they know I can’t get rid of this song in my head), I did not even know that it was a Gil Scott-Heron original. I instantly loved it!

Gil Scott-Heron – Original

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie

Drake and Rihanna

So which one is your favourite version?


4 thoughts on “Music Bout: Ol’ Skool vs Nu Skool

  1. ‘I’ve loved and I’ve lost’, I don’t know thought the Gil Scott-Heron version was a bit of a joke but guess we are all different in taste.

  2. This song says so much in so few lyrics. I love all 3 but mostly the original version.
    My man put it on a playlist for me (yes he is old skool like that)

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