7 Snapchatters To Follow

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform. 350 million photos per day are now shared on the service. That’s a little less than seven times the number of pictures that Instagram users post. It has become the social media platform to share your daily life in real time, it has gone from the place devoted to young teenagers  to brands like Cosmopolitan Magazine, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, CEOs, the First Lady of the United Status all now appreciating and understanding the impact and value of being on SnapChat. Brands and bloggers alike are monetizing this platform even with the advent of Instagram Stories it still does not compete with the force that is SnapChat. So we have decided to share with you 7 SnapChatters you need to follo



1.  Myleik Teele @Myleik

The founder and CEO of Curlbox regularly inspires us with valuable nuggets about life, business, therapy, her fitness regime, her travels, hosts regular Q&A sessions, peeks to her  MyTaughtYou podcast (which is a definite Must Download Podcast) ,recipes, her home decor and all in all she’s that friend who is there to motivate you but does not sugar coat anything about the journey to success and how much hardwork she has put into her success now.



2. Sophia Webster/ @sophiawebster

If ever you want a tutorial to see how a brand and designer can win at this SnapChat game then following Sophia Webster is a definite must. You get to know the team who work at Sophia Webster Headquarters #LuxuryLiz (they seem to have a birthday everyday!) and also the London designer herself – Sophia does take charge of the account at weekends – Bibi – her daughter is so adorable. Now how do they win at this SnapChat game? Well everyday with the ‘Bootiful Girls’ we meet the team members and which Sophia Webster design they are wearing on the day – and if you like the shoe, you can head over to their website and make a purchase. The team are so personable, fun and know how to interact with their customers – they make  their customers part of their brand community  – during this summer they even had a reception for their SnapChat followers just to mingle and meet the team! I own a pair of Sophia Webster’s (my prized possessions) and everytime I wear them, I have this smile on my face not only because I get compliments but also because I honestly.truly *said in Joan’s the Scammer’s voice* love the brand and Sophia herself! Now Sophia if you read this – can I also interview you for our podcast?




3. Zim Ugochukwu/ @zimism

Whichever Social media platform you chose to use, you have come across the hashtag #travelnoire. Zim is the brains behind TravelNoire.com, she has inspired us to travel and experience the world around us and also up our game when taking our travel pictures for them to be worthy of a repost on the TravelNoire account. Following her Snaps you get a peek of the behind the scenes, you learn how to pack for travel, she takes us along on her scenic travel across the globe and you even make a note that next time you travel you’re going to use AirBnB.




4. Chef Resha/ @carnaldish

Chef Resha is one talented chef – she should come with a disclaimer – don’t watch her snaps after midnight because you might just wake up and start making a mean mac ‘n’ cheese for lunch the next day(okay maybe this was just me). She shares her easy to follow but damn good recipes. I’m going to be first in line to get her cookbook when it does come out! If you’re hosting a dinner party, Games Night or just want to cook for your partner – Resha’s recipes are a guaranteed winner!



5. ZimConnect/ @263Connect

Kubatana/Togetherness/Ubuntu is the best way to define ZimConnect. Want a place where you can see and be inspired by Zimbabweans across the globe? Sometimes it’s young Zimbabweans turning up, sometimes it’s a young Zimbabwean mother who was born with HIV educating us about living with HIV and HIV in general…it’s always a gamble because well no one Zimbabwean is the same – we are all different, dynamic, interesting but we all have a story to share and ZimConnect allows just that!



6. Shayla/ @MakeUpShayla

If you don’t know about Shayla and you have an Instagram account – how about you delete your IG account? Okay maybe that’s a tad bit too extreme, but Shayla who has 1.9million followers on Instagram is one of the makeup artists who became successful from giving followers very easy to follow makeup tutorials on that platform. Now she gives product reviews, quick makeup tutorials, has Q&A sessions, shows her fitness regime, shares her journey from where she started to this success, her brand collaborations, brands like Maybelline inviting her to Fashion Week and more! You get the behind the scenes view of the life of a Beauty Blogger!


7. Kéla Walker/ @KelaWalker

5 x Emmy Nominated TV Host and Producer as well as Fashion Blogger Kéla is personable, funny, witty and motivating. She recently embarked on a #Snatched fitness journey which has inspired many myself included. Kéla takes us around New York, takes us along to her red carpet events and we also get to see her hang out with her blogger friends and notable mention to her friend Sass (whose a fellow Virgo & is pictured above with Kéla) – it’s great to see their friendship and their interactions on Snap! You also can checkout Kéla’s fitness journey here 



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  1. Thank you thank you @chaudmag always serving us the hottest, most relevant pieces. These will keep me busy for the next week or so- much love.

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