7 Chaud Must Follow Instagrammers

‘Tis 2015 and if you’re looking for some inspiration and new Instagrammers to follow, fret not for we are here to share the Editor in Chic’s 7 Must follow Instagrammers who feed your soul with inspiration, fashion style, business advice, laughs and also topics to get you talking.

1. Mindy Kaling@mindykaling






First off – Mindy’s Instagram profile has ‘new money’..love her for that. I absolutely adore Mindy, from when I first watched her in The Office US, to then reading ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out WithOut Me’ (this book is one of the funniest books I’ve read and definitely a must have in one’s library) to The Mindy Project. Mindy’s Instagram account is very Mindy – it has fashion, she’s  the ‘not in your face’ fashion blogger who inspires your wardrobe, she shares pictures of her fellow cast members as well as the writers.


2. Ty Hunter / @tytryone




He’s famously known as the man that dresses King Bey, but actually Ty should be known as one of the most inspirational, scratch that Ty is the most inspirational and motivational person I follow on Instagram. It is like having a conversation with the most down to earth person on this earth, who despite who they work with has zero airs and graces but is there for you.

3. Fros and Beaus @frosandbeaus



This account is pro love for your hair and pro love…combining the love of our natural locks – and the different variants we choose to rock our hair and the love of love..this is a FAB account to follow, you get your hair inspiration and a dose of love.

4. Taraji P Henson @tarajiphenson



If you’re a fan on the new Fox show ‘Empire’, then it’s great to follow Taraji as she also serves some Cookie realness on her page. Taraji has mastered how to use Instagram for the show and interact with the fans of the show – and will gladly post funny Cookie/Empire memes too. Fox have definitely wised up and understand the power of interacting with their fans, from  having an Empire playlist on Spotify (because that original music on the show is GREAT), having a standalone blog devoted to giving the background story on each of the Lyons and Empire staff and on their site with each episode they have a section devoted to Cookie’s Closet sharing the items she wore with episode (is it just me, or is anyone else enjoying how consistent they are with how Cookie’s wardrobe is changing from her release to prison to now? Great job to the show’s stylist on that one”).

5. Jay Z / @officials_c_


I’m inclined to think that not many people are actually aware that Mr Shawn Carter is on Instagram and posts regularly. Most of his posts are actually Mr & Mrs Carter and sometimes Baby Blue…it’s great to see this side of Jigga, and as I love Mr Carter, I want you all to appreciate the love he has for his wife too!

6. Demetria Lucas D’Oyley / @aBelleinbk



ab2A Belle In Brooklyn has been a blog I always followed and enjoyed, then to watching Demetria on the reality TV show ‘Blood, Sweat and Heels’ and also religiously following and enjoying her ASKFM questions. Demetria works hard, she is one blogger with great reader/follower interaction and also by moving her Ask Belle from ASKFM to her own website where she would have control and ownership of it all (because you all know that though you might have a huge following on any Social Media platform, if that platform were to shut down, so would your content therefore it is a must to have your own website that you have control and actually do own.), she goes to show she has mastered the art of the business side of the work she does. And I do live for the #AskBelle questions chile!

7. Myleik Teele / @myleik 







Myleik Teele is my friend and business mentor in my head, she is the CEO (Chief Experience Officer) of the subscription company Curl Box. Myleik also has great customer/follower interaction on her Instagram page, she shares business and personal advice with her #MYTaughtYou, in essence Myleik inspires me in so many ways…her Instagram all in all shows being a 30something entrepreneur who workouts, hang out with friends, travels solo, shares glimpses of her personal life and encourages others to go forth and conquer!


So share with us who are your favourite 7 Instagram accounts and why.

PhotoCredits: Instagram.com


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