Web Watch: An African City


There are 7 billion people in the world, at one point one of those people finds his or her way back home for or not for love. “An African City ” also dubbed Sex and The City Meets Africa is set in the capital city of Accra, created by Nicole Amarteifio tells the story of  Makena, Sade, Nana Yaa, Ngozi and Zainab (five beautiful, successful and determined African women) who reveal the ups and downs of dating in Africa; adjusting to returning to a continent very different than the continents in which they were raised in search of the life and love they’ve always longed for.

The show gives us the viewers a peak into the beautiful landscape of Accra and something that I personally am loving about this show is the gorgeous fashions by top African designers worn by the cast.


Three episodes in and I am a fan of this show, I have harped on about a lack of African web series and An Africa City is sure doing well in quenching my thirst for now and is opening the gateway for more well-produced shows. Great job to Nicole and her team! Please watch, share and subscribe! Let us know your thoughts too!

You can keep up with the show by subscribing to their

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AnAfricanCity

Website: http://www.anafricancity.tv/

Twitter: @AnAfricanCity








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