End Marmite Neglect


  • …and almost seven million confess they NEVER clear out their kitchen cupboards
  • 15% admit they serve meals to guests made from out-of-date ingredients
  • Research prompts the launch of ‘End Marmite Neglect’, a campaign to raise awareness of Brits’ kitchen cupboard crimes

It’s time for a kitchen cupboard clean-out. House-proud Brits are left red-faced when it comes to the state of their kitchen larder. Research, commissioned by Marmite, reveals 57% of the nation is stock-piling food that’s over a year old, and sometimes as old as 10 years.

One in 10 admit they only clean out their kitchen cupboards every five years or longer – so it’s no wonder 78% of the nation finds ingredients well past their best-before date.

Most shockingly, these old products aren’t thrown out, instead they’re served up to unsuspecting guests. 15% of Brits regularly use out-of-date ingredients in meals served to friends and family. Those in the Midlands are the most culpable as they dish up the equivalent of over 5,000** questionable meals during their lifetime.

The most looked after cupboards in the UK, cleared out every fortnight, can be found in:

  1. Belfast (14%)
  2. Birmingham (13%)
  3. London (12%)

The kitchen units that have never been cleared out are found in:

  1. York (13%)

1=   Bristol (13%)

3.    Leicester (12%)

Joanne O’Riada, Marmite spokesperson, comments: “This research highlights the need for people to pay more attention to the upkeep of their cupboards. 78% admit they forget what food products they have, which can lead to repeat purchases, overcrowding and the neglect of some genuinely lovely items, like our own. This has prompted us to take action with ‘End Marmite Neglect’, a campaign to end this cupboard cruelty and spread the love to all Marmite jars, especially those forgotten at the back of kitchen cupboards.”


Celebrity fans are expected to back the End Marmite Neglect campaign, which launches today. Already, ‘Made in Chelsea’ star Louise Thompson was spotted wearing the official campaign t-shirt in London.


The public can also spread their support by donating a social status or nominating friends who can give Marmite a loving home via www.endmarmiteneglect.com.

Join the conversation on Twitter using #MarmiteNeglect.

PhotoCredit: GlamourMagazine.co.uk/ Google Images/ EndMarmiteNeglect.com


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