The Church Plate: Let’s Fund Them!

Wouldn’t it be great to watch a show on Black&Sexy TV, hear of the successful developers in Kenya and feel like ‘I helped with that?’ being part of a movement, being part of leaving imprints in the sands of time(yes I just quoted a Beyonce song )Crowdfunding has opened the gateway to us funding projects we love, we believe in, entertain us and also help those who need it. It’s usually from donating however much your pocket allows – no amount is never too little. At Chaud, we are true supporters and believers in the crowdfunding generation and here are projects we advice you to support with a bit of change!

1. Black&Sexy TV

This is Independent TV.

We are creating TV for ourselves.

We are simply creating what we want to see.

Be part of the movement. We can’t do it alone. Here’s a collection plate. Pass it on.

We’ve been working non-stop for a year and a half, bringing you a total so far of 5 shows that reflect us as a people:


The Couple

The Number

That Guy

Hello Cupid

We love you all!  We live for the comments and all of the feedback! But resources have run out and we need to hire the help we need to keep the multiple series going!

Now it’s time to pass the collection plate so we can keep this good thing going!

Stand up and represent your favorite show-

• Grab the music you love with our new BLACK&SEXY MUSIC BOX which contains the digital download SOUNDTRACK of popular Black&Sexy Music as heard on the series!

• Get the Season 1 download  of your favorite show!

• Or get the entire Black&Sexy Volume!

• Web series creators, grab a 1 on 1 (1) HOUR phone consultation with the creator and founder of your choice!

• Become part of our cast!  Become a producer!

If you are watching, you are already a part of the team – let’s make it official!


Become a part of the BLACK&SEXY Family. Thank you for all the support! We cannot do it without you.


2. Non-Profit Developer School in Nairobi

A Dev School in Nairobi!

My name is Martha Chumo, though I make noise online as “Njeri Chelimo”. 🙂 I’m a 19 year old developer from Nairobi, Kenya. About two months ago, I ran this campaign on Indiegogo requesting people to help me attend Hacker School in New York. I was really excited that I got into Hacker School, and got the funds to go and become a better programmer…but unfortunately, I am not attending Hacker School because I am not eligible for a US tourist visa.

Help women get ahead in Tech! 🙂

Nairobi Developer School will paricularly address the great gender inbalance in the technology by encouranging women to participate in the program, and offer financial support to those who need it. We will invite women and other minority groups in tech to apply and the program allows them to thrive. Please reach out to us in the links below to help us achieve this! 🙂

We all deserve a chance to be better programmers!

I’m ineligible to go to New York for Hacker School, but I am not ineligible to learn and become a better programmer! So I am starting a Dev School in Nairobi to give myself and numerous young East Africans a chance to learn, improve their programming skills, and build awesome technology for Africa. I am really excited about this because I still get to “become a better programmer” this summer while teaching and helping others also.

The Impact – Help create more success stories!

You can watch Shiko’s Story here. There are so many young Kenyans with degrees who are misplaced in the job market or simply cannot find decent jobs. There are even more young potential entrepreneurs willing to learn and/or improve their skills. Through the Nairobi Dev School, these young people will get a chance to improve their skills or learn new skills while building job-creating technology. In our plans most will end up employing themselves while creating employment for others.

CLICK HERE TO FUND: Nairobi Dev School

3. Black Girls CODE – Summer of CODE 2013 – The Remix

We are Black Girls CODE, a nonprofit organization whose mission has transformed into a global movement to give women of color the tools to become inventors, leaders and creators of their own future in the world’s technology economy.  We are onto something big.

Since last year’s Summer of CODE 2012, Black Girls CODE has received requests from over 80 cities around the world asking us to bring our workshop to their town. Summer of Code 2013 – The Remix is the first step in responding to this demand!

This is necessary, world-changing stuff!

Girls, especially women of color, are summarily bypassed as far as being accepted as creative, and capable change agents in the tech industry. Black Girls Code was founded to redefine this dominant narrative, to make a radical and fundamental and lasting change in the technology industry.” – Kimberly Bryant at Personal Democracy Forum 2013

Over the next decade the U.S. economy will create 120,000 jobs that require computer science degrees, but American colleges will only produce 40,000 graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, that means we only have about 30% of graduates to fill these type of jobs. And although women currently make up 57% of undergraduate degrees, only 18% of women graduate with a computer science degree. For women of color these numbers are significantly lower. Black women make up 3% of students graduating with a computer science degree, Latinas and Native American make less than 1%

Do the math – we need to step up to train the next generation workforce. We need to prepare underrepresented populations to fill those positions, create technologies that serve their communities and lead us into a future that serves everyone. We can’t afford as a nation to let a generation of students be left behind by the wave of innovation. If we want to succeed as a nation, we NEED your help to secure the future of these bright young minds. The world needs Black Girls who CODE!

We teach girls of color computer science, game design, engineering, robotics, and mobile application design. We’re prioritizing girls of color because they’re the people furthest behind and most in need. In other words, they represent massive potential.

Join Us & Invest in the future!

Donate, Share & Get 5 Friends to do the same

  • Tweet this campaign to your followers

  • Post and share this on Facebook

  • Email to your friends

  • Shout it out to your neighbors

  • Host a small gathering in your community to raise funds for Summer of Code 2013 – The Remix!
  • Ask your company if they would support you in this cause through a Donor Match program. Contact for more information. Subject Line “Donor Match.”

CLICK HERE TO FUND THEM: Summer of Code 2013


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