Weekend Getaways: Couple R & R

1fb7f1a4Weekend getaways with the girls have always been a dime a dozen for me. I have a lot of wanderlust and friends who have the same need to travel have often indulged this simple pleasure of mine. Our weekend getaways always occur due to stressful work periods, crazy relationship drama’s or a simple case of fatigue and the need to disappear for a bit. It’s always been a fun way to bond with friends and have some time to recuperate.

I have a confession though, when it comes to weekend getaways with the opposite sex I’m a complete novice to this concept. A combination of dating people who were probably a little lazy and saw no reason to impress me with sneaky getaways has probably seen me miss out on my fair share of  spectacular naughty weekends away ;-). However not to worry friends, I have caught on and seen the light. Although weekend getaways with the girls are deserving of a head nod of appreciation, weekend getaways with your man of the moment, new love, old love, past love or side love have a LOT more joy attached! They should be encouraged!

However you know at Chaud we always have some rules to help you navigate life and this time we have three easy tips to make your weekend getaway with your booksi something you’ll remember!

no tech

No technology zone.

I get it. we live in a connected world. Before you leave for your getaway you must update your facebook status and tag your person making sure your friends and family are aware of your plans and how excited you are to be going away with aforementioned booski. Don’t forget you have to tweet when you are on your way, nearly there, just arrived and oh yeah…throughout the getaway about all the great things you are up to. If you are particularly tech savvy, you have to update your location using foursquare, maybe film a video for your youtube vlog (don’t forget to tell people to subscribe). Also when posting your getaway snaps, you have to use every filter imaginable to make your photos pop!  Are you tired yet because sheeeeeeet I am!! It’s a getaway mehn! The purpose of said getaway is to leave. everything. behind. Switch off what you don’t need to be connected to. My question is, with you updating all this technology do you have any time at all to enjoy your surroundings and your boo? Methinks you don’t and I also think your time and hands could be used in other more fun and productive ways 😉

Pack with care

Depending on the little hideaway you are running away to, there are things that have to be packed. Don’t have a bag full of toys and other fun things without the essentials. This could be anything from toiletries to the right pieces of clothing. I know some of you scandalous weekend getaway types will be asking, “But if you aren’t leaving the bed do you need anything?”. That may just well be the case but just in case you need to leave the confines of your bed or let alone your room, be prepared. Planning some things will make the difference between a great getaway and a below par experience. It could be something simple like bringing along a little bit of home to make your room feel like home and make you a lot more comfortable.  Remember, in the famous words of the great Hannibal Smith from the A team, “I love it when a plan comes together”.

Last but not least :


What happens on the getaway stays on the getaway!

As a female one of the greatest things is finding like minded females who share in your highs and lows. Although sharing your weekend getaways details with your girlfriends isn’t an issue, wisely pick and choose what you share. Pick the highlights, maybe the parts you need clarification on or advice about but for the really juicy, heart of the matter affairs that occurred on your getaway for two, try and keep that quiet. After all what happens on the getaway stays on the getaway…until the next time of course 😉

Mukuka is a Chaud Contributor hoping that when she hits 10,000 articles she’ll have shares in Chaud 😉 You can catch her Twitter where she throws more shade than a Mac Counter or see what she’s up to over at www.mukukamayuka.com


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