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1. Tell us a bit about how Jadore-Fashion came about and how long you’ve been blogging.

I have been blogging for almost 5 years. I started blogging after graduating from nursing school while embarking on my master’s degree program. Blogging was an avenue for me to share something I truly loved i.e. fashion and styling. By posting my personal styles and sharing life experiences as a student and a career person in the corporate world, I let people know that budget should not necessary define your style. It is possible to mix clothes while living on a budget and yet, be stylish. Also, it is okay to mix high-end items with low-end pieces and still look great.


2. Firstly congratulations to you and your husband on your pregnancy! To say that Kim Kardashian should take pointers from you is an understatement. Once you found out you were pregnant what went through your mind, as maternity wear is usually not flattering (and hence we have the Kim K situation)?

Before I got pregnant, the maternity clothes I had seen did not interest me. When I became pregnant with my growing belly, I had to find items that were stylish and at the same time, flatter my pregnant look. Every day is a learning experience and comfortable clothes are my priority. I prefer to wear non-maternity clothes that will work for both pregnant and non-pregnant women.


3. Any celebrities that you use to inspire your fashion sense during this exciting time?

I have always loved Victoria Beckham and Kourtney Kardashian’s stylish pregnancy clothes. While I admire their styles, I go with what works best for me because every woman has a different body structure and shape during pregnancy.

4. Pregnancy chronicles – tell us how has it been so far?

It has been amazing and I thank God. Of course, I have my tiring moments but nothing out of the ordinary. I can really say that being pregnant is an amazing…and a wonderful experience.

5. What are you tips for keeping it stylish and comfortable?

It is important to wear what makes you feel confident. Confidence is the key to being stylish. Again, understanding your body structure is very important because it helps to know what outfit, print or pattern works best and as a result, you are more comfortable. In addition, a great pairing of lipsticks, preferably shades of red, great pumps and statement necklaces can transform any outfit to something spectacular.


6. Blogging whilst pregnant – has anything changed yet? And do you think your blog will take a new route? Baby fashion when the little one arrives?

There have been some changes because I am not able to blog as often as I would love to due to my energy level. There are days that I am more tired and sleepy…all part of pregnancy lifeJ.  There will be mini addition, but not necessary a full-blown baby section. Of course, I will love to share with my readers, tips about baby fashion and baby items that I love or use, but I still want to maintain my blog core which is my daily outfit styles and tips.


7. Fashion blogging in our opinion is for the brave and confident – as you are putting yourself out there and open to opinions of all those who have access to your blog. How do you deal with the negativity/ comments and opinions of trolls on the blog and does it sometimes affect you?

Starting a blog and being in the public eye, I have come to understand that not everyone will like what you do, say or wear. At the end of the day, the support I receive daily outweighs any negativity. Additionally, I learn a thing or two from comments (positive or negative) and as you mentioned, confidence is the key.


8. Favourite designers and fashion brands?

Chanel, Alexander Wang, Celine, Stella McCartney, JCrew, Zara, Madwell, Virgos Lounge, H&M, Giuseppe Zanotti, Azzedine Alaia, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Elie Saab


9. Have you partnered with any brands or fashion houses? If so how do you discern which brands you choose to work with?

Yes, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing brands, which I am beyond grateful for. I can be picky when it comes to collaborating with brands because I want to make sure that it aligns with my image and brand. At the same time, it has to be a brand that I love and I know my readers will love it too.


10. What valuable lessons have you learnt from blogging and do you blog full-time?

I have learnt a lot from blogging including learning about styles and myself. The business of blogging has taught me how to be a sole proprietor and a businessperson. I have also learnt the importance of engaging my readers i.e. response to comments and questions. I don’t blog full-time; but the amount of hours I dedicate to blogging can equal another full-time job.


11. Dead or alive who would you invite over for a meal and movie marathon? And which fashionable movies would you watch?

Oh wow! I will like to have Oprah, Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn, Michelle Obama, Jackie O, Jenna Lynos, and Anne Wintour. We would probably watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Sex and The City, FlashDance, My Fair Lady, The Great Gatsby, Pretty Woman and Coming To America


12. Investment piece that you will definitely be passing on.

Jewelries, bags and clothes…nothing goes out of style


13. Tell us your most valuable fashion piece – be it in monetary value or sentimental value.

The most sentimental item is my wedding ring, which symbolizes the love and union with my best friend and husband. I also love my first classic Christian Louboutin pumps. It goes with everything.


14. Tell us 3 fun facts about Stella that people wouldn’t know of.

I am a very shy person

I can be a workaholic. I like to do it all to my own taste and perfection

Very emotional…I can be a crybaby LOL!

Stella’s fashion sense has some of us feeling really broody and looking forward to pregnancy and pregnancy styles. Thank you very much Stella for taking time out for this interview with Chaud and thank you for serving us style! We look forward to Baby and Me pictures and all the best to Stella and her hubby from the Chaud team!

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