Art Attack! Illustrator Spotlight: Sarah Rosado


Sarah Rosado is a New York based American-Hispanic Illustrator. Sarah’s passion for Art has always been a big part of her life, greatly influenced by her uncle and aunt who are both artists..  At the early age of 5 she found herself scribbling drawings all over her notebook and everything she could get her hands on. Although it got her in trouble sometimes, her teachers knew there was a talent there waiting to explode.

How would you describe your work and which famous artist/ illustrator do you draw inspiration from? 

My work is raw and genuine. It comes from my heart and soul.

When you look at my images you can actually get a feeling of who I am or the message I am emitting. My art work is filled with humor, personality and other hidden emotions.




Your work is mostly cartoons why is this? And do you plan to create a comic book?
Yes my work is mostly cartoons.  As a child I watched cartoons, as all kids do, and was always amazed by the different characters and unique personalities of each one.  In cartoons there are no boundaries, anything is acceptable, an eyeball on the head, three toes instead of five.  I haven’t thought about a comic book but, I was interested in creating a comic strip for a newspaper.


Besides your uncle where else do you draw inspiration to in your work? 

I am inspired by many other different things such as a song, a movie, something someone may say, nature, a rainy or snowy day, a life event, a mannequin in a window display, etc, etc, etc.

SR pose

Do you have a favourite piece of your work?

My favorite piece is a pin up of a young lady in a pink dress and multicolored high heels that I drew recently. What I like most about it is the realistic expression on her face. It captivates me.



SR eggs

 Three fun facts about you? 
 I love decorating, horror movies and traveling.


There’s no denying that Sarah is talented, we can see that she shows her sense of humour in her work too – the eggs for example!We would definitely hang Sarah’s art work in the Chaud offices! We would like to thank Sarah for wanting to share her artwork with our readers and taking time out for this interview! Do check out her Instagram and her site to keep up with her great art.

Social Butterfly:

Instagram: @srartwork / @sarahrosado



One thought on “Art Attack! Illustrator Spotlight: Sarah Rosado

  1. Oh wow, does Sarah do commissioned pieces? The pop of colour is definitely what attracts me to her art work. I already feel myself smiling at every image. Definitely very cool, great feature Chaud!

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