The Access Project: Get Involved

The Access Project is a charity working across 8 London secondary schools, helping motivated students from disadvantaged backgrounds win places at top universities (

The Access Project is based inside schools, with an office and full-time member of staff on site. We work in close partnership with the headteacher and teachers to design a programme tailored for each school.

We require our students to attend our activities for six weeks in order to ‘earn’ a one-to-one tutor. This ensures that they are invested in the project when  their tutorials start.

In addition, their school’s Programme Coordinator is available throughout the day for those who need more support.

The project needs volunteer tutors to work one to one with our students on one of their academic subjects. Tutorials last for one hour per week and take place at or near the tutors office.

The tutors benefit from training, resources and support, as well as skills development and the chance to work closely with a young person and see the real difference they are making to their life.

If you would like to be a part of this and have an hour per week to give back to the younger generation then please contact The Access Project


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