Art Attack!Deepfried Freckles: When Art Meets Fashion


In a world full of glowing, loud and airbrushed fashion blogs,Deep Fried Freckles believes in young women finding true happiness in genuine and individual beauty. Deep Fried Freckles creator,  Malia Carter’s favorite (and permanent) accessories are her freckles. They represent her shy, unpolished and humble personality. Even though she wasn’t always a fan of her freckle style, giving into her quirky and sometimes awkward character lead to her discovering her passions, interests and curiosities for the future she longed to create.


In college I quickly realized a fashion major wasn’t working out as I struggled with construction and sewing clothes. I switched my major to graphic design but the fashion bug was still biting me as I spent a majority of my time scrolling through blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere while daydreaming and doodling. In the summer of 2011, I decided to combine my love for trending fashion and art and thus, Deep Fried Freckles was born.




Within the first six months I started my blog I had emails coming in from women around the world expressing their passion for illustration and garments. As a shy introvert who never shared her work, I was now communicating with many people on a daily basis and putting my creations out there for everyone to see. I have been so grateful for all of the support.  And now as cheesy as it sounds, instead of sitting back admiring others lives, I feel like I am finally creating a journey and path to fill my own blog.










Taylor Swift


M.I.A from that Bad Girls video


At the end of the day what I want viewers of Deep Fried Freckles to take away is that like the perfect little black dress, creativity and individuality will never go out of style.

Editor’s Blurb: The one thing I truly love about this job is getting the opportunity to find out about talented people like Malia and when they are gracious enough to be interviewed by us it makes it all so worth it. Malia is truly talented and going places! We are very pleased that she started her blog and now the introvert shines and shows the world that art and fashion are connected and through either form one is always able to blossom and shine!

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One thought on “Art Attack!Deepfried Freckles: When Art Meets Fashion

  1. This was a great piece – her being an introvert never having shared her work to having such a blog. She is really talented too.

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