Canadian Fashion Blogger: StylishedForever’s Doreen

1. Canada is synonymous with cold – how do you manage to stay stylish and be warm too? You’re both Canadian and Ghanaian – do you sometimes fuse the two?
It’s definitely a challenge trying to stay stylish in the cold but that is when I get to experiment with layering and mixing prints, which I love. Layering clothes have always been my way of staying warm and stylish in the cold weather. For accessories, I always have a stack of these beautiful and colourful Ghanaian beads on my wrists so I guess it’s my way of fusing the two. I’m also realizing that these beads have somewhat becoming a conversation starter almost everywhere I go.

2. If you could get a lifetime voucher to any store shoe or designer who would it be and why?
That will have to be either Louboutins or Jimmy Choo. In my mind, they just have the most beautiful shoes. The red soles on the Louboutins just make them look perfect.

3. You’re Fashion Stylist for the day – how do you revamp fellow Canadian Melanie Fiona’s style? (We at Chaud are not fans of Melanie’s style at all)
I would actually sit with her to explore her own style further instead of constantly experimenting with looks that don’t seem to turn out great sometimes. Revamping your style is all about finding your inner style and working around that.

4. What inspires your outfits? Have you always loved fashion?
I’ve always loved mixing and matching clothes and as a child, playing dress up was my favourite thing to do. I’m mostly inspired by the people I see everyday on the streets and bloggers.

5. Fashion Blogging – is it a hobby or hopefully a platform for bigger things for you?
I started it as a hobby but as time goes on, it’s becoming a little bit more than that and I’m hoping that it continues to open up new platforms for me.

6. Who is your fashion icon and why?
I do not necessarily have any fashion icons but there are definitely people I absolutely admire. Audrey Hepburn, Carrrie Bradshaw (SATC), Tracee-Ellis Ross, Miroslavia Duma, Solange Knowles, and a few others.

7. Worst fashion trend you wish you’d never followed?
Ripped tights!! Omg, it was very trendy a few years ago and I can’t believe I was ever caught in that.

8. 2 fashion world people dead or alive that you would invite round for an ice hockey match?
Audrey Hepburn and Alexander McQueen.


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