The Greatness of Social Media

Social Media is considered both a blessing and a curse. Remember the times when we did not know that our favourite artistes could not spell or that they really like their egos stroked and would spam our timelines with only tweets praising them or their talent? On the other hand imagine how easy it has been to complain to your favourite retail brand or share a new hotspot you’ve just discovered – all this has been made possible with Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are the most popular platforms which are being used and we are all active on at least one of these platforms.


1. Twitter


#GHANACOLLEGES. Say it out loud multiple times. This fool meant “gynecologist.” WHEN I TELL YOU I AM DONE??? LMAOOOOO!!! Ma’am, you not going to Accra to research universities. SIT DOWN!
And his response SLAYED me! 









She’s confused..



Pray for her church. Pray for her. 







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Oprah Clapped Back

Don’t mess with Oprah she’ll put you in your place!


2. Youtube




There is more to social media than ridiculous tweets and funny videos. There is a great blessing with the power of social media,  if used properly and with a goal great things can be done. The success of The Couple the movie,  #CleanupLondon where Londoners got together to clean the city last year after the riots, remember Alice’s bucket list? After her blog was shared on Twitter – Alice has been gifted with a lot of experiences. Brands are able to connect with their customers and understanding more what they need.  We are testimony of the good that came out of Twitter with our cover story exclusive – ‘it all started with a Tweet’ ! So to you our readers we encourage you to use these networks wisely and please ‘Think before you tweet’.



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2 thoughts on “The Greatness of Social Media

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