Editor’s Ratchet Playlist

Ladies and gentlemen we hereforth present to you the ‘RATCHET EDITOR’S PLAYLIST’. We  dared our Editor in Chief  to send us a screen shot of her Recently Played songs, she had no prior warning so as to make sure she did not select her self-titled ‘eclectic’ playlist., being the sport that she is she obliged albeit reluctanly. She went further by justifying her side-eye worthy ratchet songs laced playlist.

1. Amen – Meek Mills

Plus I’m on probation, when they test me I just pee Rose
Cause last night, I went hard, Peach Ciroc, Patron and all, And I say church (Preach),

We make it light up like a church (Preach)

The beat would take you to church and back if it had gospel lyrics  it would go well with J.Moss and Kirk singing a gospel song and if Meek’s lyrics were not just so dirty.I always feel like calling Father James and scheduling Confession (Last time I confessed to a priest I was 8 and it did not go well so I never went back) whenever this song plays. I like elements of the song but it feels very wrong but I keep on pressing repeat…my mother will be so disappointed.

2. Rack City – Tyga

I just couldn’t put the lyrics of this song here…

Ever seen me dance to this song?You really have to see my moves to understand why I downloaded this song! Yes I have some mean ‘African fancy foot work could be confused for twerking-like’ moves to this song. -__-

3. Please Excuse My Hands –  Plies feat Jamie Foxx

My hands don’t like to be unemployed they like to work

I love Plies’ voice! Really I do, especially when he says ‘What’s happening baayby’ – OKAY I LIKE RATCHET MUSIC – SUE ME!!

4. Amsterdam – Rick Ross

Lyrics are all nothing monumental just  No shirt wearing Rick Ross edumacating us how rich he is and he’s even pissing on Europeans with his wealth Hublots and all

Errr FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) had me download this song and I actually do like it.

5. Tell Me It’s Real – Kci and Jojo

Ah way back when music was great and Kci was dating Mary J.

6. Show Stopper – Danity Kane

So I only remember Dawn and Aubrey – but I used to watch Making The Band. Diddy turned their careers into dust…pooof gone baby gone. Danity Kane are missed by their fans – please don’t tell me I’m the only DK fan! How about Diddy does a Making the Band reunion with Danity Kane and Day 26? Brian’s hair has grown by now right? -__-

7. Should I Go – Brandy

It used to be a few artists at a time, Now, even the veterans wait in line

Premature release of these albums online

Makin’ it hard for real entertainers to shine

I do not even have to explain why I have Brandy – I grew up with her! And this song speaks the truth though.


7 thoughts on “Editor’s Ratchet Playlist

  1. The Chaud Mag editor in chief and the C1rca1964 editor in chief have a lot of things in common…hmmm… ratchets of a feather do hoodrat things together?

  2. *slides on the wall* to ‘African fancy foot work could be confused for twerking-like’ – can’t even imagine that! how?why? We dare her for a video!

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