Entrepreneurial Spirit: Pearls, Heels and Dreams

Pearls Heels n Dreams was birthed by the coming together of the founder of The Ifunanya Trust, Leone Nezi and the co-founder of Heels n Dreams, Norma Ndove.

The Ifunanya Trust is an organization that is focused on helping young ladies realize, release and implement their potential against all odds.

Heels n Dreams is the brain child of two Zimbabwean women who are convinced that there are lessons in life that can be taught and not bumped into at random moments. As much as society has always said experience is the best teacher; Heels n Dreams seeks to equip women through coaching and dream chasing.

Both ladies were introduced to each other through a mutual friend who was convinced that as a team they would be better able to fulfil a mutual dream of touching and inspiring the lives of young women. From a per chance Whatsapp conversation Pearls Heels and Dreams was born. Pearls Heels n Dreams was the “lovechild” of two dreamers who have come together to create an organization that will empower, educate and inspire young people in Zimbabwe and Africa through dreams and realizing their potential.

Pearls Heels n Dreams aims:

  • Releasing potential in women through forums for growth and vision casting such as the Power Breakfasts.
  • Creating networks and an open forum for discussion for young people to address issues that pertain to personal development, politics and social empowerment.
  • Leadership and Career clinics.
  • Community projects through giving back campaigns and via counselling services.

The first ever Power Breakfast was hosted in Harare with Tsitsi Mutendi the creator and founder of Jewel Magazine , Takudzwa Chitsike ,the founder of Foot Prints Image Services and Dee-Kaw-Zee accessories and Norma Ndove the co-founder of Heels n Dreams. The event was attended by 42 young women from different walks of life .This is the first of many Power Breakfasts to be held and the second breakfast is set for the beginning of November.

Pearls Heels n Dreams is convicted that each person must be granted the opportunity to explore dreams they have within them and through mentorship and events that allow for people to come together and share dreams in a safe and positive environment that creates growth. We aim to just touch one life at a time and unleash the potential that resides in each of us.

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5 thoughts on “Entrepreneurial Spirit: Pearls, Heels and Dreams

  1. We love that Chaud Mag is celebrating people not only with a dream but who have put effort into realising that dream. Too often, we do not support the dreams of others. It’s great to see these two ladies support each other and create an event worth attending!

  2. Learnt a lot. I tell yu Leonne and Norma are going places. You two have the skill of unlocking potential. Great stuff. Enjoyed it.

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