Her Accessories

Le Plackard is where we get VIP access into closets and in this issue 3 of our favourite Southern belles fashion bloggers give us a peek and also share with us their most value accessories and ones they regret purchasing.

We kickoff with Patience of JustPatience.com  whose style is what we would define as – classy, feminine with an edge. Patience is like yours truly a self-confessed Zara junkie – (if they ever were to shut Zara I would start an Occupy Zara protest).

Patience’s accessories always add a touch of edginess to an outfit. She loves her shoes, clutches and the Prada Baroque glasses.

Next up we have the lovely Lolo of Loloskloset shows us her a sneak peek into her closet and how she organises it all.

My most valued accessory?My hermes belt because I can throw it on any simple and I have an immediate outfit transformation. It’s reversible so I get double wear

One accessory you regret buying My worst accessory is my louis Vuitton scarf! It’s grey, silk and ageing. It’s beautiful but not really fashion forward like a McQueen scarf

We love Angie from HarareMbama because of her style, her candidness and all the fashion moves she pulls!

My most valued accessory?
Kazuri Earrings
I absolutely adore these hand-made and hand-painted ceramic earrings, a gift from my brother who has a knack for picking up easy chic accessories for me. I love their uniqueness, their weight and how I can team them up with nearly everything in my wardrobe.

Why accessories? To me, accessories are one of the two things that can work for everyone regardless of age, personality or shape. They have the power to make or break an outfit so I say “Don’t hold back on good quality shoes, invest in a knockout bag and have fun with everything else!”

One accessory you regret buying
Swatch watch : I’d always wanted a Swatch watch and a couple of weeks ago snapped one up on sale. The sales assistant was kind enough to mention that some of them tend to tick quite loudly but was so thrilled about the price I heeded her advice and purchased the watch anyway. Later that night I couldn’t sleep from its ticking and since then it ‘sleeps’ in the bathroom. Great watch to knock about but if could do it all again – I wouldn’t buy it.

2 thoughts on “Her Accessories

  1. Mama told me get you a Southern girl, they cook, they is educated, they is funny and they is STYLISH! Southern Africa girls rock like no other with some style and some a**! LOL!

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