How Much Does it Cost to be a Beauty Blogger

Ever wondered how much it costs to be a beauty Blogger? Well we share with you this insightful post by Beauty Blogger Annie: Over the weekend, I read an article published by the Independent Fahion Bloggers  entitled ‘How Much Does It Cost To Be A Fashion Blogger?’ and while it was an interesting read, I thought the … More How Much Does it Cost to be a Beauty Blogger

Single = Overrated!

Yes you read the title right, it’s as overrated as Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange album, as hyped about as 50 Shades of Grey and it’s just like Amir Khan still saying he wants a piece of Floyd. I bet Andrea Dworkin is spinning in her grave that we are declaring being single as the most … More Single = Overrated!

Keeping It Real?

A lot of people tend to put honesty in a mixing bowl with confounding variables such as bluntness, crassness, and lack of tact, and then claim that people can’t handle the truth when people aren’t quite receptive to the finished product. Reply 8 replies · active 3 weeks ago +7 @Amaris_Acosta· 3 weeks ago “A lot of people … More Keeping It Real?