Be Inspired!: Shonda Rhimes Year Of Yes #TEDTALK

Shonda Rhimes, is my she-ro, she sparks my creativity, she gets me writing scripts (so far I have written 3 scripts for shows that I plan to start creating this year), Shonda Rhimes’s image is on my version board – yes I am a Shonda stan. Shonda is a bad-ass global titan with over 360 million people watching her shows, a titan responsible for 70 hours of television per season (45 hours of these 70 are shows she has created herself not just produces), Shonda has #ShondaThursdays, the brains behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. In a year of saying Yes to everything that took her out of her comfort zone, Shonda delivered this awesome TED Talk where she takes us on a journey through her ‘year of yes’.


Shonda is a busy woman who works a lot and she loves it! After all, yes she is titan doing her dream job. Shonda in her own words however also doesn’t want us to be delusional about a dream job as she imparts this gem

‘A dream job is not about dreaming, it’s about working, all reality, all blood and sweat’

She has a term for her love for working and the excitement of work ‘the hum’.  The hum is more than writing, the hum is a drug, the hum is music, the hum is God’s whisper in her ear. With this hum you can’t help but strive for greatness at any cost.


‘If the song of my heart ceases to play can I survive the silence?’


When Shonda’s hum stopped she realised that the real  hum is not power, the hum is not work specific, the hum is joy specific, the hum is the electricity that is fueled by being excited about life. The hum require you to spend 15 minutes of ‘playing’, reconnecting, finding something that fuels you, the real hum ignores the stare of history, the balls in the air, the expectation and the pressure.

‘The real hum is just love’

15 minutes of uninterrupted time a day is all we need – uninterrupted is the key to get the fuel that feeds your harm. Find what makes you feel good  and play in that arena.

‘Work doesn’t work without play’


Editor’s Note: For the month of March we are sharing Women who inspire us and what a way to kick it off with Shonda Rhimes’s TED Talk! Stay tuned for me!


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