77 Days to Go


It is only 77 days till 1 January 2016 and here I am reflecting so far on 2015 and what I have personally learnt so far.


Family is the most important thing on this great green earth.I had the greatest and most memorable summer ever because I spent it with my nephew and also with my bestest cousin. My parents are such rocks, my brothers are such confidantes and advisors.


Bill Cosby, Rachel Dolezal,  Damon Wayans, T.I. , Donald Trump can be sent on a one-way ticket to Mars.

Empathy and Sympathy are different. I can not monopolise how people deal with certain issues, my role is to always empathise with them and be there.


I  now have a crush on Mr Aubrey Drake Graham since he glow’d up and henched up. So much so I want to stay up all night, writing letters to a great man, being open with my emotions and my letter writing session partner will be Mr Aubrey Drake Graham.


The Irish truly are the greatest supporters of their Rugby national team during 2015 Rugby World Cup.



Not everyday Iyanla.  I ‘m learning to keep my opinions to myself. This helps my sanity.

Monthly self appraisals and relationship appraisals are necessary.


I am willing to accept that I can be petty. However I need to curb the pettiness and with 77 days to go – I’m up for a challenge.

There are people whose place in life is to be simply takers and take advantage of your good nature. So I have to learn discernment between the takers and the genuine.


Learn to listen to my gut more.



‘Hateration, holleration in this dance soiree’ yes it is not dancerie as I  have been singing all this time. Mary J Blige said so!



Kermit and Miss Piggy are no longer #RelationshipGoals


I am blessed. Even though I felt as if God’s ears were deaf to me this year, my faith has been some what questionable, I am richly blessed for the family that I have.  



One thought on “77 Days to Go

  1. Petty Murphy 😂😂😂 You’re a mess iwe! And Mar is too good for those critters…it’s got water on it for goodness sake. Trusting your gut is essential…we always “know”, right? And God always hears us…even when we’re waiting on a reply like “Errr anybody out there? “. Keep that faith hun and keep pressing on! 76 days and counting…

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