Editor’s Zara Summer Shoes Pick

Editor's Zara Summer Shoes Pick
Tom Ford HATES Zara. We all know that’s because Zara’s designs are sometimes (read mostly) influenced by high end designers like Tom Ford himself, Isabel Marant, Brian Atwood et al. Zara is a  high street brand that is very much affordable, I would like to think before the boom of fashion bloggers, Zara was not that much known by many. I once had a former colleague years back clown me for loving an ‘old French women’s store’. However over the last couple of years, the brand is widely known and loved. I’ve picked 5 (had to narrow that selection down) of my favourite Summer shoes which include the current trends (eye catching prints to liven up an outfit, bright colours, monochrome and that white shoe) and all these picks are currently in store now.  You can purchase via the Zara website

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