Stylish Tots

It’s easy to love fashion – the simplicity, complexity, the avant-garde, the crazy(usually found in Brick Lane London), the well-tailored (City Boys on the tube every morning in their suits..some-one say Amen!) , the playfulness and creativity of it all with this love one thing I have not been able to ignore and am slightly becoming obsessed with is children’s fashion.

Now before I carry on with this piece let me confess – I, Chaud Editor-in-Chief, have a style crush on celebrity stylist June Ambrose (so you might see her in every other issue) –  she’s style personified, a maven in her field and to top it all a yummy mummy with fashion savvy kids! Chance and Summer definitely exude ‘children of a stylist’.

Young celebrity kids are now able to show case their own fashion styles. Some will make you go  ‘awww’ and get broody and some you just want to call Jada Smith and ask ‘Really now Jada?We’re letting Willow leave the house with green hair?Really?’ Willow is definitely another fashion confident youngster who is willing to be different green hair and all.

Thanks to Thirdworldprofashional I came across baby Alaia daughter of Monica Rose – Monica Rose is stylist to the Kardashians. Now say what we may about the Kardashians, one thing that is for certain is Monica Rose does her job well with them sans Kim wearing that leather dress to a basketball game.  Back to baby Alaia who certainly has style – Monica Rose knows how to dress up her spawn. I can see my yet to be born mini muse rocking this, matter of fact I can see myself in this outfit – come to think of it I have rocked something similar to this!

Now I have also started noticing kids with style on the streets – remember at a recent zoo execursion what stopped me from taking my camera out to take a picture of a blue-eyed well dressed tot was fear of being reported as a weirdo – if you know any stylish tots out there – do alert us as we will happily feature them here!

PhotoCredits :, Monica Rose’s Blog, GoogleImages


6 thoughts on “Stylish Tots

  1. Hahaha – I actually thought YOU had dressed baby Alaia!!!Seriously – those first two outfits, that cape…seriously Ree is that not your spawn?

  2. Love that first pic of June Ambrose’s kids.

    I think Willow is given too much freedom by her parents! From shaving one side to green hair.

    @Tom LOL!let me confess that I also thought the same thing because this is such an uncanny coincidence especially that blazer and red skinny jeans and cape.

  3. Look my ovaries were saying #OMO – Oh My Ovaries! June knows how to dress her tots and herself! I have to say though, these are kids that better not go playing in the mud in those clothes!! 🙂

  4. June and them pickneys = priceless!
    And you madam Chaud (like the name by the way) claim your spawn careful the more people say she could pass off as yours the more the universe hears it and voila next thing a stylish mini Chaude graces this world 🙂 😉
    Well its says something about your style – you and Monica Rose are style kindreds – yes just made that up, bow and accept it.

  5. Why are all the babies featured here light-skinned or mixed??Assuming from that My Africa piece you’re black, there are some cute dark skinned African or African American celebrity babies!!!

  6. @Missy – really?in 2012 this is the comment you have to make on this article?You really do kick kittens for fun don’t you?

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