5 Instagrammers to Follow

1.  @richforever aka Ricky Rozay aka Rick Ross aka Maybach Music aka arrrrrgh the grunt! Why? He  posts good scenery images and also  pictures of his #alphets (thanks French Montana for spoiling how I say and write outfits)Or rather just follow him because you need some variety on your instagram and if not for him – for the comments! Some women love them some Rozay…

2. @juneambrose – my style crush! She will give you some style inspiration and if not her kiddies will make you go ‘awwwww’

3. Same reason to follow Rick Ross applies to @snoopdogg and yes ‘medicinal’ herbs make you take crazy pictures

4.You’re a woman and you love shoes or you’re a guy looking for shoes to buy your woman : then follow @jeffreycampbell

5. Solange Knowles – @mydamnstagrams – follow her because her pictures are interesting and have a creative appeal to them too.


3 thoughts on “5 Instagrammers to Follow

  1. *DEAD* Did I read correctly a comment on Rick Ross’ picture ‘Sexiest Man Alive’? Where are these people from?

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