Nigerian/American Fashion Blogger: Skinny Hipster’s Nifesimi


Skinny Hipster – quite a catchy and creative name -tell us more about the blogger behind this name?

My name is Nife and I’m a fashion enthusiast. I’m a Nigerian student and also a budding stylist.

How did you start fashion blogging? Have you always loved fashion?

I originally started blogging in 2006 because one of my friends thought it would be a great idea to have a fashion inspired blog. I gave it a try and stopped but went back to it in late 2008. There were more fashion bloggers and I had a better idea and understanding of what I wanted to do. People- most especially my best friend encouraged me to also start again. I fell in love with fashion my 12th grade year in high school.

Are you a full time fashion blogger? If not how do you schedule in your outfit of the day photo sessions? (we always love how creative and fun they are)

I’m not a full time fashion blogger (I wish). I’m a college student and I also work part time. I really have my photographer friend- Femi of to thank. He creates time out of his extremely busy schedule to do me the huge favor of taking my pictures.

Gadgets you can not do without:

My blackberry (crackberry), macbook and ipad.

Favourite fashion era and why?

The 60s- that was when fashion started evolving and many traditions were broken. Things such as bell bottoms and mixing prints were introduced.

3 fashion labels (high end or high street) you could never do without?


If you were fashion queen for the day – what rules would you impose and what would you ban?

I would want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin and not be afraid to be themselves and try new things. With that being said, I’ll make it a must for people to dress according to their shapes and body types. I’ll ban sagging trousers and bad lace front wigs.

Tailoring? Yay or nay?Share your thoughts.

I’ve thought about it and my mentor is seriously pushing me…we shall see.

What is the most indulgent item in your closet?

My Black Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps.

What would your favourite literary character wear if you had to dress them?

PRINTS!! Mixing prints is always fun for me and I’ll definitely incorporate that.

You can follow Nifesimi here:

Blog: Skinny Hipster

Twitter: @SkinnyHipster

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